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M&A Integration Processes and Issues

In M&A it is crucial to ensure that you don’t devalue the value of the deal. Therefore, you must spend time planning and establish your processes. From my experience, the most prevalent issues are around people – how they react to change, their resistance to it and how they respond when something doesn’t go as planned.

One of the main tasks we provide to our clients is to help them set an approach which allows them to spot potential issues early on and respond to them quickly. This can be done by having weekly IMO meeting and functional work streams to evaluate the progress made and escalate issues and risks to the SteerCo.

When the strategy for dealing with issues is established It’s crucial to concentrate on execution. It is crucial to ensure that everyone knows what they’re expected to do, how they will be evaluated, and the time frame for when. Also, it should clearly state accountability (i.e., ownership of end results) and decision-making authority for the entire company.

It is crucial to ensure that the CEO and senior management are able to spend at 90% of their time working on core business issues and not be distracted by integration tasks. One method to achieve this is to choose a strong leader to lead the Decision Management Office (IMO), who can triage decisions and coordinate the work streams. This can be someone from the acquiring organization or an emerging star within the newly formed company that has the backing of their boss to fulfill this commitment.

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