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Features of Board Room Software

Board room software assists in arranging board meetings. It includes features that make it easier to prepare of meetings, enhance collaboration and communication throughout events, and help support activities following meetings. It has world-class capabilities for data protection and stopping unauthorized access.

Additionally, the portal provides comprehensive audit logs that include minute-to major details of all board activity, including views, logins and edits, annotations, and more. Administrators can use this information to quickly pinpoint any areas of concern or that need improvement. This way, they can ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential documents, and keep the platform safe from unauthorized intruders.

Video conferencing technology that is immersive and interactive is also available. This allows you to work in real-time during virtual meetings. Moreover, the system can allow participants to use their devices to vote and pitch during the event. It can also sync calendars to ensure that participants are informed of upcoming events.

Board portals also permit document management prior to, and after meetings. This lets directors examine the documents prior to each meeting and then access them at any time during the meeting. This allows directors to be more prepared for every meeting and can save a lot of time. The system can store all relevant documents in a safe area that allows directors and administrators to keep the track of any changes or updates made to existing documents. Any changes or updates are immediately reported on the dashboard of all board members, ensuring that nobody misses anything new.

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