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Customer Data Protection – Why It’s Important For CX Leaders to Prioritize This Strategy

Data protection for customers is the process of protecting information from cyberattackers or accidental leaks, as well as other breaches. CX executives who are adamant about this approach can provide customized experiences that build trust with customers, improve loyalty, and boost the bottom-line.

If it’s PII (personally identifiable information), PII and medical records, financial data or even social security numbers, keeping customers data secure is essential for maintaining a trusted relationship. And that’s why it’s important to comply with the data privacy regulations that vary by region (PIPEDA in Canada, HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU).

Create roles based on the job duties of each employee and assign permissions accordingly. This ensures that if an employee is transferred or changes roles the access rights they have change with them. It’s also a good idea to protect the data during transit and at rest with tools like 256-key encryption for email communications, or file-level encrypted on servers and systems.

In addition, ensure that you shred or cut crosscuts of customer data prior to getting rid of them. If a computer is shut down it is recommended to wipe the hard drive or physically destroy it. This will stop any data from getting into the wrong hands. This simple proactive measure can drastically reduce the risk of a data breach.

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